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B2B Content Marketing


Unlike B2C, every B2B purchasing decision is considerate and well-thought through. Almost every time it follows a predictable sequence of steps - understanding what is causing a business problem, researching ways to solve this problem, comparing the most suitable alternatives, and finally committing to one of those alternatives. The issue is that the proliferation of the internet has enabled the average business buyer to go 57% through those steps in full anonymity and without any help from you.

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The Measurable Benefits of HYPE Content Marketing
Increase Search Engine Visibility

Increase Search Engine Visibility

Pop-up in search results more often by producing relevant content that helps people solve their business problems

Convert More Visitors into Leads

Convert More Visitors into Leads

Convert more visitors and prospects by targeting real problems with your website copy and email campaigns

Generate More Website Traffic

Generate More Website Traffic

Attract more leads by publishing content that attracts people from social media, search engines and referrals even without spending on advertising

Create More Sales Opportunities

Create More Sales Opportunities

Become more effective at selling by anticipating every question and proactively addressing it in your communication with clients

Maximize Marketing ROI

Maximize Marketing ROI

Increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns by promoting compelling content that engages prospects more effectively than product ads

What Makes HYPE Better

Based on Strong Buyer Personas Based on Strong Buyer Personas

Understanding buyer challenges and needs is the bedrock of every effective business initiative. That's why we invest almost half our time into researching and defining how your ideal buyers look like.

360 Content Strategy 360 Content Strategy

Whether you need to attract more traffic to your website or convert more of your leads into customers, our content strategy defines the tactics to help you achieve any marketing goal.

B2B Expertise B2B Expertise

Repetition dictates effectiveness. That's why with time we have chosen to focus our services on helping B2B companies.

what we offer

We offer a flexible service depending on the maturity of your marketing team. More digitally advanced teams that have experience with lead generation, can get just the Content Marketing Strategy which they can use as the strategic guide for their marketing programs. If you don’t have an experienced content marketing team, we offer an end-to-end service which includes strategy and execution of lead generation campaigns based on your business goals.

Content Marketing Strategy

This is a strategic foundation that guides the creation of the content for your marketing campaigns, website, emails and sales materials. This includes:

Buyer Personas

Complete definition of your key target buyers in terms of roles, challenges and needs

360 Content Strategy

The topics, format and delivery channels you should use for your content

Lead Generation

We produce your content and push it through the best mix of channels to reach your target audience while optimizing ROI.

Content production* Media planning Campaign execution & reporting Campaign optimization

*In about 10% of the cases the difficulty of the subject matter makes it realy difficult for us to produce valuable content, so the client needs to produce the content.

Lead Conversion

The result of every successful marketing campaign is the accumulation of prospective customers also known as leads. We implement email engagement strategies and sales handoff processes that keep your prospects engaged and push them towards a purchasing decision.

Lead nurturing email programs Lead scoring and sales alerts
B2B Growth Framework
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B2B Growth Framework
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Transform your B2B website into a highly effective lead source by applying a growth framework that engages your visitors and drives them to convert. Packed with tips on how to create an irresistible buyer's journey and a content formula that captivates your visitors, it also provides tools you can use to automate your processes and further optimize your website.

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