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Traditional Website Design


With the digitization of the customer journey businesses are increasingly relying on their websites to be the storefront of their business. This has caused a shift in the way websites fit into the overall business dynamics. According to latest stats the industry average for a website redesign is between 12 and 24 months (from Hubspot - The Science of Website Redesign).

There's more

Higher Visitor Engagement

Reduce your website’s bounce rate and increase time on site by presenting visitors with the right information at the right time

Increase Leads

Drive more target customers to submit a request, download, or buy with a website that has all the necessary elements to closely guide the evaluation

Better Company Image

Pop-up in search results more often by producing relevant content that helps people solve their business problems

agile process

We follow an agile process. This means that UX, visual design, and technology teams start working closely together from the very beginning of each project. Instead of waiting for UX to deliver completed wireframes, visual designers and developers start providing feedback immediately. As a result, our clients can see working prototypes and start providing feedback early on.



We start with a client workshop to identify the business goals, marketing objectives, and buyer personas on which base the design.



We perform research of the competition to get an idea of their visual branding, navigation, calls to action, and key differentiators.



We put together the schematics for all pages and their elements, then we iterate and fine-tune them to ensure an engaging user experience.


Visual Design

We give your website the look and feel that most accurately communicates your expertise and values.



During the development stage we implement the designs and functionalities while constantly testing their quality and performance.



We do final testing on live environment and setup tracking and analytics tools to measure website performance over time.

Resources Essential Guide to Website Redesign for Marketers
  • E-book
Essential Guide to Website Redesign for Marketers
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This guide will help you take the right steps during your next website redesign so you can deliver a well-engineered customer experience that will help you meet your business goals.

Launching a new website is a complex project which involves multiple teams and skills. As a digital marketer, you will most probably be at the forefront of this process, so understanding the best practices is a must. Download our 30-page guide and learn how to execute a successful website redesign and start generating more leads.

Key takeaways:

  • How to gather the right information before you start
  • What are the key things you need to plan for
  • How to successfully collaborate with the design and development teams
  • How to make sure your new website is ready for launch Tactics to improve the conversion rates of your website

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